recap's success story

Recap is a young, hip, modern denimwear brand. Our fits, silhouttes, fabrics and washes ensure that once a woman gets into our jeans she woudnt want to get out of them. We live and breath denim. The young woman, the ever demanding fashionista is the focal point of our existence and we live to fulfill her every fashion dream.

  • RECAP: This was the first brand we first launched in the year 1998 and it still remains our best selling one. We come out with 2 collections in a year for the young fashion conscious women in the age bracket 18-30; spring-summer and autumn-winter. Our products which are made from the finest quality denim sourced from across the globe.

  • REVEAL JEANS: the newest brand from our stable was launched in June 2012. This targets the young aware customer who needs a great quality product but within a limited budget. Without compromising on the quality we offer a product which
    confirms to the latest trends but without pinching the young customers pocket.

  • RCP 24: A highly fashionable product made from imported fabric, embellished with accessories like belts, crystal work it targets the young woman for whom no price is too much for the right product and who appreciates the luxuries of a fine product.